Norway Shop Pulls Severed Meat Hands After Complaints

Halloween decorations went a bit too far for some parents

These hyper realistic supermarket meat hands from "The Chop Shop" scared the heck out of some children.

Normally the meat one finds packaged in the market bears only a slight resemblance to the animal it came from. But shoppers at a discount store in Norway were horrified to see stacks of bloody, plastic-wrapped meat that was instantly recognizable, because they were human hands and other body parts.

The fake “dismembered human” meat packages from a fake butcher called The Chop Shop were discount store Europris’ way of getting into the Halloween spirit. But according to The Local, some of the store’s customers were not amused.

“Who the hell would allow such things?” wrote Ivar Larsen on the NRK Sørlandet Facebook page. “Do we not have enough violence in the country without these kind of crazy people bringing such things into the shops?”

The bloody, plastic-wrapped hands and body parts really were disturbingly realistic. They even came with nutritional information stickers.

Some critics were concerned that the meat plates would scare the heck out of small children, and some even blamed America for the creepy accessories.

“There’s no doubt my children would have been terrified if they’d seen this in the shops,” opined a woman named Mona Urfjell. “I think it’s such a shame that we have an American tradition so violently forced down our throats.”

Somehow we suspect a display full of hyper-realistic meat hands would freak out some American parents as well, but Europris said it would remove the offending items in response to the outcry.


“Our intention was obviously not to upset our customers,” said Europris purchasing manager Knut Spæren. “Now we are withdrawing the few products that people have complained about, including the severed hands.”