Nearly $30M Worth of Heroin Found in Tomato Puree

Heroin-smuggling tomato importers caught in Germany
Wikimedia/Bill Ebbesen

Customs agents found the tomato sauce had been replaced with nearly $30 million worth of heroin.

Customs officials at the German-Dutch border found a lot more than the pizza topping they were expecting this week, when they investigated a truck full of imported tomato sauce and found a potentially record-breaking cache of heroin.

“I’m not sure if this was our record find, but it is certainly a big one,” a spokesperson from Dutch Customs told The Local.

According to The Local, two trucks were crossing the border from Germany into the Dutch town of Venlo when the customs agents’ bloodhound became curious about their cargo. The trucks were carrying 1,720 tins of tomato purée, but upon further investigation several of the cans were found to be full of heroin. After combing through all the tomato cans, the agents seized 1.2 tons of heroin worth €21.5 million, or approximately $29.4 million.

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The trucks’ two drivers were arrested and will be tried by a Dutch court. Customs officials say the trucks had traveled through Germany before being caught at the Dutch border, but did not identify the truck’s country of origin or where the drugs were intended to be delivered.