Men Commit Arson Over Becks Beer

Two men really overreacted when a shopkeeper did not stock their brand

Two men looking for Becks Gold responded to a storekeeper who did not stock it by lighting his shop on fire.

Two men seeking a refreshing bottle of Becks Gold this week did not respond well when a shopkeeper said he did not stock the brand. Instead of trying a different store or settling for a different brand of beer, the men seriously overreacted and set fire to the store.

According to The Local, the two men were drunk when they entered a store in Germany at 5 a.m. on Sunday looking for a bottle of Becks Gold. When the shopkeeper said the kiosk did not stock that particular brand, the two men left and appeared to take their business elsewhere. Instead, they returned 20 minutes later with a fuel container full of gasoline. Their 20 minute break did not appear to have sobered them up much at all, because one of them suddenly decided to empty the can of gasoline all over the entrance of the store and light it on fire.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the ensuing blaze, but police say the fire did a small amount of damage to the front of the store.


The two men, who the shopkeeper said were speaking Polish to each other, ran off after setting the fire and managed to evade capture.