French Town Literally Flooded with Wine

Red wine was running through the streets of the town
Crushed pinot noir grape must

Wikimdia/Cuve de Mout de Raisin

A renegade group of French winemakers poured out 50,000 liters of wine in protest over cheap wines dominating shelves in French stores. 

It sounds like something out of a novel, but the streets of one French town actually ran red with wine this week after more than 50,000 liters of wine were spilled in the streets.

According to The Local, a group of radical French winemakers has said they were responsible for the spilling of five enormous vats of wine in the town of Sete, near Montpellier, on Tuesday night. The group is protesting the sale of cheap foreign wine in France, and this week it reportedly expressed its displeasure by spilling the vats of wine in Sete to make their point.

The five vats of wine contained more than 50,000 liters, which all went pouring down the town streets, where it flooded parking lots, and even got into people’s basements and homes.

In spite of the damage, the spill was not too difficult to clean up. Emergency services was reportedly called to the scene of the initial spillage, and they got all the wine mopped up again in about half an hour.

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