A ‘90s-Inspired Wedding

Even if you aren't marrying Zack Morris, you can still have the ‘90s wedding of your dreams
‘90s Wedding

Do you love the ‘90s? Find out how to incorporate it into your wedding day.

It seems like only yesterday you were playing with your “dancing ribbons” and rocking out to the first Now CD. And now, you’re getting married! And despite the fact that you're all grown up, there is still a place in your heart for bad ‘90s flicksLisa Frank school supplies, and ‘90s junk food.

While we don't recommend a Romeo + Juliet themed wedding (and totally get why you would want one!) we do know a few fun ways to include the ‘90s in your wedding. Check out these awesome ideas.

Mix-Tape Save the Date

Because what was more romantic than receiving a mix-tape from your honey?


Tape Deck Centerpiece

For a funky and fun couple, these tape deck centerpieces can come from a trip to the thrift store, or simply be purchased on Etsy!

Cute Cake Stand

Place your favors or cupcakes on this adorable table!


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