9 Ways to Have Summer Fun Without the Sun

Don't let the rain ruin your summer with these ideas for bringing the summer fun indoors

Whenever someone mentions summer, our minds automatically go to afternoon picnics, camping trips, and outdoor festivals. We start brainstorming a list of all the places to grab a drink outside. We get excited as we begin planning our beach escapes. Our stomachs grumble in anticipation as we dream about picking strawberries and throwing some burgers on the grill.

But what happens when the forecast is predicting scattered showers, thunderstorms, or even worse, hurricanes? It's time to fold up the tent, pack up the beach umbrella, and put the picnic basket back in the car. Or so you thought. Before you seek shelter from the storm, take a look at our nine ways to have summer fun without the sun.

Now you don’t need to feel disappointed by a gloomy weather forecast. You can still go fishing, play in the backyard, and watch the baseball game while it is raining outside. All you have to do is find the sunshine that is hiding inside your own home. So stock up on some supplies and scroll through this list before you let the rain ruin all of your seasonal plans.