9 Recipes with 10 Ingredients or Less

Taking the head-scratching out of what to make for dinner

Miso-Glazed Broiled Salmon

We've rounded up nine easy recipes for dinner that call for less than 10 ingredients. Why? Because it's Wednesday, and hump day is the point of maximum "blah" during the week for many hard-working folks out there. It's exactly the halfway point between the weekend prior and the next, when anticipation for the end of the week is at its height and the likelihood of its approach feels like it's practically zero.

So, even the folks who did the right thing and cooked themselves dinner Monday and Tuesday night (and perhaps made themselves lunch for the next day with the leftovers) may be tempted to reach for the phone to dial their favorite takeout spot while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home.

After all, what could be easier than swinging by the burger shack, burrito joint, or Chinese takeout spot and grabbing a little takeaway, or better yet, skipping the extra stop and just having a perfectly timed pizza reach home just after shutting the door?

But don't do it! Don't even think about it! Don't even look at the phone. Stop by the store instead and hit the express line! That's right. With 10 items or less, you'll be in and out of there in no time. And chances are, some of these ingredients might already be sitting in the fridge.

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