9 Playoff-Worthy Recipes

It's that time of year the again: the NFL playoffs. It's go time in the world of professional football, the moment in the season when the weak are separated from the strong so that only the most talented teams meet in New Orleans. With wildcard weekend behind us, the playoffs are in full swing and we're that much closer to finding out who will claim the Super Bowl trophy. While each division gets dwindled down to the best, it only means one thing to the editors of The Daily Meal: which recipes are worthy of the playoffs?

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Just as with professional sports, there's always going to be a set of winners in the world of cooking. For us, it's the recipes that stand out in taste, presentation, and of course, ease that make it to the playoffs. We've featured plenty of recipes that are great for a football party, from ultimate recipes and healthy menus to perfect game day wings — not to mention a few fast-food items we wouldn't mind indulging in while watching the pigskin getting thrown around — and today we're sharing the best of the best.

Crowd-pleasers, small bites, wings, nachos — you name it, it's all here. Want a spin on a classic favorite? Switch things up with Taste of Home's Ranch Mac and Cheese for a new and exciting taste on the cheesy dish. If you have a handful of nacho enthusiasts on your hands, chef Dean Corbett's ultimate nacho recipe will be sure to please them, and for those friends who "can't get past the bone" of a chicken wing, we think they'll like this deconstructed recipe. So warm up your taste buds and try a few of these winning recipes. The NFL only invites the finest to the Super Bowl, so shouldn't you, too?

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce