9 Food Revolution Day Events Around the Globe

Jamie Oliver's day to 'stand up for real food' invites people around the world to celebrate

A look at the U.S. events happening on Food Revolution Day

Chef and food activist Jamie Oliver has done it again: the first ever Food Revolution Day, May 19, has gained traction from people around the world to "stand up for real food." Not only do proceeds from local events — including a Google+ dinner with the man himself — go toward food education efforts, but also encourage people to rethink healthy food.

So far, more than 400 events have been planned in 58 countries to take part in the foodie holiday, and locavores are finding new ways to encourage healthy eating. From Portugal to California to India, here are our top picks for Food Revolution Day:

Back to the Roots' Mushroom Farm Tour; Oakland, Calif.

An urban mushroom farm? Better believe it — watch coffee grounds be transformed into take-home, grow-it-yourself oyster mushroom kits for residents. Watch how the farm does it, and purchase one for your home.

Food Swap: Dump the Junk!; Boulder, Colo.

From our most favorite hippy town comes AllergyKids Founder, Robyn O'Brian, to overhaul your pantry. Bring your junk food to the Boulder Farmers Market and swap it out for fresh, local products from area vendors and shops.

Food Rev Social Dining Experience and Grubwithus Dinners; locations vary

Grubwithus is sponsoring a bevy of dinners in honor of the event, with proceeds going to Jamie Oliver's foundation. The most exciting party yet? In Paso Robles, Calif., Justin Vineyards will host Top Chef Marcel Vigneron with chef Will Torres (from Justin Vineyards) to create an elaborate, yet healthy, dinner party.

Apron Party; Cascais, Portugal

Decorate your aprons with food-positive sayings and encouragement with food educator Ana Q., then enjoy "carrot lollipops" and sit back in the outdoor garden.

Atelier de cuisine Tous à table ("All at the Table" Food Workshop); Grenoble, France

Create a culinary masterpiece in this parent/child cooking workshop. On the menu: zuchini tarts, goat cheese and turmeri, sliced ​​beef with cumin and coriander, and strawberry curry.

Organically India; Gurgaon, India

At the Saturday farmers market in Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, a team of health and food experts will host a healthy bake sale, plus give advice on living an organic life — including growing herbs and veggies in your own home.

Healthy Lunch Box Fillers For Kids; Hornsby, Australia

Learn to cook easy-to-pack lunches and healthy snacks for your kids, as nutritionists and naturopaths answer any nutrition questions you may have.

Mozzarella and Chocolate Making Demos; Honolulu, Hawaii

For another farmers market treat, watch Jeanne Vana of North Shore Farm make her famous cheese, and then taste the famous chocolate from Madre Chocolate — two delicious demos in one place.