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8th street Market Powerhouse Recipe


A beach bum's take on the Classic Powerhouse.


1 Medium Pita (whole wheat or white)
3 Slices of yellow-American Cheese
Crispy- Iceberg Lettuce (just enough to stuff into the pocket)
a handful of Alfalfae Sprouts
2 slices tomato cut up (optional)
3 tablespoons of Russian or 1000 island dressing
A dollop of wasabi mayo


This is super fast and easy.

Take a pita and pull apart at the opening
Place cheese slices inside pita then place pita on paper plate inside microwave for 45seconds.
Cheese should be lightly melted not bubbly
Next, spread Wasabi mayo, then place crispy lettuce, alfalfa and tomatoes. Stuff everything down pour dressing over top fold in half and wrap napkin or wax paper around folded pita.