8 Weird Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

8 Weird Ways to Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

1. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey:

BACON. Don’t ask questions.

 Brianna Maynes

Photo by Brianna Maynes

2. Microwave Turkey:

This may be the lazy man’s method of cooking a turkey, but hey, it works. As long as you’ve got a microwave and a turkey, you’re set in no time.

 Rags Kanyi

Photo by Rags Kanyi

3. Crockpot Turkey:

Ok, so maybe cooking that prize turkey for Thanksgiving should be a bit more artful than this. But again, it gets the job done. This one’s for those of you who just want to eat turkey and move on with your lives. I feel ya.

 Sonja Sarr
Photo by Sonja Sarr

4. Turkey Cake:

This is an all-in-one, deluxe Thanksgiving extravaganza. It’s your one-stop-shop for this year’s meal. Plus, you’ll have less dishes, so you’ll have more time to explain to grandpa who Siri is.


Photo Courtesy of chow.com

5. Tofurkey:

Shoutout to all my vegetarians (not sure why you’re looking at a post about turkey, but welcome!). Who says you can’t enjoy a delicious turkey-like dish, too? Plus, you’re saving some calories, so who’s really enjoying this holiday?

 Bianca Phillips

Photo by Bianca Phillips

6.  Beer Can Turkey:

Gentlemen, here you have it. Now you can drink your beer and eat it, too. Cheers to that.

 Joshua Bousel

Photo by Joshua Bousel

7. Haute Couture Turkey:

If you’re a fashionista or the class clown, this one’s for you. It’s hilarious and stylish and just, why not?

 The Whole Enchilada

Photo Courtesy of The Whole Enchilada

8. Deep-Fried Turkey:

Think about how nicely this will go with some biscuits and a sweet tea. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.


Photo Courtesy of urbanbohemian.com


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