8 Ways to Fill a Plastic Egg

From creepy crawlers to candy, we’ve got some egg-cellent items to inspire the Easter Bunny this year
Egg hunt

Egg hunt

While Easter is a celebration of spring and new beginnings, it’s also all about eggs. Along with decorating Easter eggs and Easter baskets, the annual egg hunt is one activity many children look forward to all year-round — partly because of what’s inside the eggs.

As these large-scale hunts often take place outdoors (where there are a variety of hiding places including in and under bushes or up in gutters, bird-feeders, or tree branches), the plastic eggs you can stuff with surprises are best. The plastic eggs keep whatever is inside dry, which is especially important if the grass is damp or if a cookie or jelly bean is inside. Their bright colors also make them easy to find, which is helpful when you’re scrounging through the bushes. The best part? You can fill them with a variety of sweets, treats, riddles, and more. 

To assist the Easter Bunny this year, we’ve come up with some of our all-time favorite surprises to pack inside the egg’s shell. We’ve started with the classic filling — candy — and added seven more of our less-expected favorites. Make sure to have enough goodies for stuffing about five to ten eggs per hunter so everyone can find a few. Regardless of whether you’re filling eggs with cash or clues, be sure to add a sweet treat or two to each egg so that the hunter can’t tell the difference (you don’t want a hunter to be deterred when picking up an egg that feels empty).

1. The Classic Filling: Candy

Nothing says Easter more than foil-wrapped chocolates and jelly beans. Foil-wrapped eggs are now available at a variety of price points and flavors (from milk or dark chocolate to caramel-filled or peanut-butter stuffed), so there is an egg for every taste. Don’t like chocolate? Jelly Belly now sells (way) over 50 different flavors of jelly beans, from classics like Toasted Marshmallow and Very Cherry to the more eccentric Birthday Cake Remix or Moldy Cheese and Rotten Eggs. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/stevendepolo)

2. Fun Gifts


Similar to what you might find in a cracker at Christmas, fill a couple of eggs with gag gifts like a mini stapler, rubber stamps, or bouncy egg-shaped balls. Each prize is fun to use no matter who gets it — good for a hunt with many hunters.