8 More Deadly Dishes

Dine on these dishes at your own risk
8 More Deadly Dishes
Wikimedia Commons/Anna-Frodesiak

Believe it or not, there are some people on this Earth who regularly risk their lives when they go out for a meal. Call them daredevils, call them adrenaline-seekers, or call them totally nuts, there are people who seek out treasured culinary delicacies that pose significant health risks and even may be deadly.

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Take for instance, escamoles, a Mexican dish that’s made from the eggs of the giant black Liometopum ant, which is a highly venomous creature. Fans of escamoles describe the taste as nutty and buttery, and especially delectable in tacos. Similarly, lutefisk, a traditional Nordic dish, consists of whitefish that’s been dried, soaked in lye for days (rendering it too toxic to eat), then soaked in cold water and cooked.

There are, of course, some risky foods that become harmful if handled incorrectly, but are otherwise perfectly edible, such as tapioca and stonefish. Derived from the roots of cassava plants, tapioca is available in grocery stores worldwide, but if processed improperly, properties within the roots of the plant can trigger cyanide production. Preparing stonefish, however, is like the rigid and precise preparation of fugu (Japanese puffer fish) — the fish can be eaten as sashimi (called okoze) if handled correctly by a trained professional. That being said, if mishandled, eating okoze could have deadly consequences.

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