8 Elegant Zinfandels

The best Zinfandels to close out summer

After last week’s look at value-oriented Zinfandel, I was pretty excited to jump into and taste some higher end wines. I love Zinfandel’s many iterations. From the Claret styles of yore to the fruit bombs that have made bold headlines and big points over the past decade, there is a great variety of styles well suited to many cuisines. Of course, many people instinctively pair Zinfandel with barbecue. That is a great a pairing, but with so many of these wines you really can do so much more.

Zinfandel has become so much more than a barbecue wine. In truth, you would be hard pressed to find better values at this price point in the domestic market; only one reason why I think Zinfandel is truly America’s greatest grape. The unique flavor profile, drinkability and freshness of fruit in the best wines are immensely appealing to me, but they also allow for great Zins to be served with so many great dishes or on their own. I would not hesitate to pair any of the top wines here with grilled meats, naturally, but I can see them also working spectacularly well with a more refined dinner of duck or game birds. Zinfandel is growing up folks, so don’t be afraid to give it its due!

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth