70 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Bloom Slideshow

The Sink

Although it's a vestibule for just about everything in your kitchen, the sink can often suffer from a lack of decoration. But with a little help from festive soap and sponges, colorful plates, and flowers, you can bring happy petals to this area seamlessly. 

Soap, Cream

Gorgeous selections of hand soap and cream can keep the sink area happy and bright. This set from Panier des Sens is both sturdy and dainty, with its design and scent matching the floral theme. Find these online for $19.50 each.

Soap, Cream

This hand soap and cream set from Orla Kiely at Nieman Marcus is a perfect mod design for the kitchen sink. They are available for $18 each and can be purchased online.


These sponges are utility-friendly and easy on the eye. Pick any of their colorful designs, or go with a more floral-themed pattern to keep with a strict flower theme. The O-Cel-O site will redirect you to be able to purchase these sponges at Amazon, available for a range of prices near $7.

Paper Towel Holder

Sturdy and with a dainty, this option for a paper towel holder can make the not-so visually appealing item fit perfectly into your space. They are currently on sale for $40.80 online at MacKenzie-Childs.        


These Sur La table dishes in blue and yellow are both bright and tasteful, bringing a discreet and somewhat '70s-esque theme to your blooming kitchen. Stacked in sinks or table-ready, these are warm, happy, and dishwasher-safe. They are available online for $7.95 to $9.95 each.


The sill above the sink or the area next to it should always be adorned with fresh (or fake) flowers. This bouquet from the French Bee in Phoenix is a perfect mix of light and fresh. Contact the French Bee for pricing and delivery options.

The Table

The options are endless for your kitchen table, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to switch out the festive decorations you keep on this space according to the season. With these runners, tablecloths, placemats, and more, your table will be overflowing with flowers and ready for spring and summer. 

Table Runner

This Malena Medallion Table Runner from Pottery Barn comes in "Cool" and "Warm," displaying a range of both blues and reds respectively.  It is available for $69 online, with free shipping and a monogramming option.

Table Runner

This Crate & Barrel Poppy table runner is made on a mix of linen and hemp, with orange, yellow, and red tones. Available online for $124.95, this item is a Crate & Barrel exclusive and is eligible for $4.95 flat-fee shipping.


Tablecloths should always be used, and always be rotated. The best are machine-washable and able to bring a little something extra to the room. This Magnolia Tablecloth from Anthropologie has been in my family for years, first in red, then in yellow, and then in navy blue. The colors this season are brighter and more varied, and it's available online for $58 to $78, depending on size.   


This tablecloth from World Market is inspired by Indian textiles, and although machine-washable, requires a little more attention, requiring cold water, the delicate cycle, and a warm iron. It comes in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from $29.99 to $39.99, and is available online.

Floral Table Linens

Ten Thousand Villages has a range of tablecloths and runners in floral patterns. Check out their site for online shopping, with prices ranging from $39.99 to $69.99 for this selection.


These Chain-Link Floral placemats from Sur La table come in sets of four and are machine-washable. They are available online for $29.95 per set.


These floral placemats are modern and edgy, and are also very easy to wipe down. They come in sets of two from Tabletop DC, and are available for purchase online at $38 per set, in brown, gray, or silver.


These reversible Charlotte Lace Trim placemats from World Market are made in India, and machine wash cold on a delicate cycle. One side has a delicate and simple floral pattern, and the other takes on more of a paisley print. They are available for sale online at $19.96 for a set of four.



These Quilted Sundance Floral placemats are reversible and come in warm colors, perfect for spring, summer, and brightening up winter. They are currently on sale online at World Market, available for $19.56 for a set of four.


One can never have enough napkins. Sometimes, a beautiful table consists of a mix-and-matched array of colors and prints —in this case, all floral, of course. This Smoke Dahlia napkin set from Anthropologie comes in nine different color options, is machine washable, and is available for purchase online at $24 per set of four.


These Gemma napkins from World Market come in a set of four, and are available online for $15.96 per set of four. Their Hawaiian theme is a great addition to more traditional and modern patterns.


The bright design of these floral napkins from Sur La table is perfect for entertaining. They come in blue or yellow (although we recommend the yellow), and are available for sale online at $19.95 per set of four.


You can never have enough trays. In addition to their many uses for food and drink, they can also be repurposed in the bedroom for jewelry and toiletries, in the main room for remotes and magazines, and basically just about anywhere you can fit these gorgeous wonders. These rectangular floral Moroccan-themed trays from Sur La table are available in four different color options, are dishwasher-friendly, and are available for purchase online at $12.99 each.


This ultra-feminine selection from Fishs Eddy is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and is available online for $14.95.


Some of us (ahem, this writer) have had lifelong love affairs with dishes ever since they laid eyes on their Nonna’s china cabinet. Just one of the many floral dish patterns we love, this Kotobuki Round Aika Floral plate is available online for $9.95.

Butter Dish

This floral butter dish from Liberty London is "practically perfect in every way." From color to design, this is a must for any morning brunch, dinner, or anytime of every day. It is available for sale online at roughly $53.52 (converted from British pounds).


These Kuhn Rikon Floral Knives from Sur La table are not only adorable, but dishwasher-safe and utility-friendly. The ultra-sharp paring knives are great for in the kitchen, or on the go, as they come with cases for the blades. They are available for sale online at $9.95 each. 

The Counters

The possibilities for floral designs are endless on your countertops. From trays to cookie jars to cake stands and spice jars, flowers can be worked into this space constantly, and rotated out for use and utility. 

Cookie Jar

We are beyond obsessed with this cookie jar from MacKenzie-Childs. Available online for $54, it is hand-decorated with "garden fresh" color.


We've already mentioned the endless possibility of trays, but a few more couldn't hurt. The trays pictured here come from California-based Fringe Studio. Contact the studio to see what selections they have available and how you can purchase them.

Cutting Board

This cutting board from Macy’s has a modern floral design, is dishwasher-safe, and is available for sale online for $18.

Cake Carrier

What is a countertop without a cake stand? This carrier, which is easily transported, is the perfect mix of pretty and useful, all while gracing your countertop beautifully.

Spice Jars

These floral spice jars from Sur La table come in four colors and are available for sale online at $5.99 each.

Spoon Rest

This red floral ceramic spoon rest is one of our favorite kitchen items right now — it looks beautiful and is just waiting to be used. You can buy this online for $19.95.

Drink Dispenser

This Magnolia Beverage Dispenser from AHALife is a perfect countertop accessory for a summer day. Fill it with water and lemons, or a big batch of iced tea. This dispenser is available for sale online for $215.


These medium-sized canisters in black floral are perfect for sugar, tea bags, spices, and more. Find them for sale online at MacKenzie-Childs for $78 each.


Opening your cabinets to a floral array can make the kitchen a heavenly space. Selecting mugs, bowls, tumblers, and Tupperware with floral designs can give life to your cabinets and keep stacks looking pretty — however disorganized those stacks may actually be. 


Another thing you can never have enough of (floral or otherwise), mugs hit the cabinet as a staple. These floral options from Marimekko, both available online for $20 each, are great to have on hand.


These tumblers from Amazon are not dishwasher-safe, but they're too pretty to pass up. They come in sets of four for $40 and scream spring and Mexican fiesta at the same time.


These MacKenzie-Childs enamelware tumblers require a little extra care for a long life, but their hand-painted design cannot be passed up. Available in black, blue, green, or white, each tumbler costs $26 and is available for purchase online.


Sur La table’s floral pitchers in yellow and blue are both gorgeous and dishwasher-safe, not to mention chip-, stain-, and odor-resistant. They are available for purchase online at $19.99 each — on sale from $35.


Stacks of colorful, floral dishes make the order, or disarray, in your cabinet look so much better. These Kotobuki round blue floral plates from Sur La Table are a good mix of cute and classy — available online for $9.95.


These colorful Marimekko rectangular dishes (left) are different and durable —they're dishwasher-, oven-, microwave-, and freezer-safe. The colorful pattern makes any plate of food look more appetizing and they are great for entertaining. These dishes are sold online at $24 each.  

A gorgeous design from Marimekko, this Siirtolapuutarha plate (right), is definitely on our must-haves list for our kitchen. The modern black-and-white design is a work of art in its own right, but it's also dishwasher-, oven-, microwave-, and freezer-safe. These plates are sold online for $38.50 each.


Whether for pasta, cereal, dips, sauces, condiments, beans, veggies, candy, or whatever, having ample bowls in colorful stacks is always a good thing. These Abstract Floral Art bowls from AHALife are based on paintings by Turkish architect Emir Uras, and are available for sale online at $32 each.


These large Siirtolapuutarha bowls from Marimekko are beautifully designed by Sami Ruotsalainen. They are microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, and are sold online for $59 each.


Don’t forget about storage spaces when outfitting your kitchen in floral designs. These storage bowls from Fishs Eddy are simple and user-friendly, and come in a variety of flower-inspired prints with lids for storage and transport.


These portable lidded tumblers come in floral designs ad are ready for use. They come in sets of four, and can be found on Amazon for $38.60.


This Marimekko Unikko insulated bottle has a bright and modern floral design and comes ready to hold coffee, soup, or whatever you might need to take on the go. This item is available for sale online for $89.

Cupcake Cups

Don’t forget your odds and ends when outfitting your kitchen with a floral theme, picking up items like these Meri Meri Floral Mini Bake Cups, sold in sets of 96 at Sur La Table for $4.95.


Kitchen nooks come in endless shapes and sizes and can be outfitted in countless ways. These pillows, cushions, rugs, and accessories will give you a good start on decorating and inspiring the floral fields in your kitchen nook space. 


These pillows from Karma Living have a beautiful design and color, exactly what a floral kitchen nook might want to hold. Their bright and modern tropical design can be kept around throughout every season. Contact Karma Living to find out more.


This paint-by-numbers-inspired Live Love pillow from Anthropologie (left) is a feminine and unique piece to have in your nook. Find it online for $68.

This Tufted Double Bloom pillow from Anthropologie (right) is a bit of a splurge, but a unique find your floral kitchen may not be able to live without. This item is available for sale online at $498.


Seat Cushions

These seat cushions come in a variety of colors, both subdued and vibrant. They are available for sale online for $32 each.


This Bouvardia Crewelwork Rug from Anthropologie is a unique, circular find for your kitchen nook area. The floral designs fade from vibrant to black and white, giving a stenciled look that will easily blend into your hardwood or tiled floor. This rug is available for sale online for $298.


This ceramic still-life teapot from AHALife by the Franz Collection is made by hand in an eco-friendly studio in Jingdezhen, China. This piece of art is available for sale online for $177.


Also by the Franz Collection, this flower cup set was based on Vincent van Gogh’s "Almond Blossom" painting, and it's an ultimate buy for entertaining. These cup and spoon sets are available online for $229.


These nook-friendly Nifty Napkins come in a set of six, are machine-washable, and come in a variety of colors. They are available for sale online for $32.

Floral Set

This ultimate floral tea set from Liberty London is a dream to have in a floral kitchen — and perfect for your weekly nook brunch. Items in this line range from $21.36 to $61.02 (converted from British pounds). The featured items above include a milk jug, tea cup and saucer, cake stand, and sugar pot.

Other Kitchen Areas

Don’t forget the other items you can work into your kitchen, which can aid the space in terms of both design and function. These ideas for wall art, paper, hooks, and more should help inspire your shopping list for this area. 

Wall Art

A kitchen’s walls should be anything but an afterthought, and you can fill them with just about anything you like. These ideas for wall art and wallpaper should bring you to some happy, petal-friendly finds. These unique, flower-inspired designs show how to contrast modern floral patterns with a more feminine wallpaper covering. Contact the artists to find out how these floral-inspired works can be yours.



This Black Rudolf Stingel Plate Edition from AHALife would look stunning as wall art, maybe with a few lined up side by side. You can find this dish online for $98.


This Elise Latte modern floral wallpaper from DesignYourWall.com is both traditional and modern, with a warm undertone and silver designs. This design is available online for $48 per sections of 20.5-inches-by-11-yards.

Other options include:

The Brewster Watercolor Floral Bouquet wallpaper, which comes in 56-square-foot sheets, available online for $66.68.

Superfresco Paintable wallpaper in summer white, coming in 56-square-foot sheets, available online for $30.

White wallpaper with mini black flowers from Home Depot, available online for $34.98 per 56 square feet.


Whether you use this for aprons, jackets, or towels, this three-hook enamel plaque is beautifully floral and bright. It is available for sale online for $135.


This rug from Anthropologie is colorful and exclusive to their online store. Price ranges from $78 to $1,298, depending on size.


This subdued floral rug is a great contrast for brighter and more feminine patterns. If you like this style, contact Bashian Rugs to find out how you can purchase.

Side Table

This fantastical and bold design is a fun addition to both eclectic and simple kitchens that are looking for a little something extra. Find this MacKenzie-Childs Dreamscape table for sale online for $6,900.


This Julep Petal Pocket apron from Anthropologie is another fun floral addition to your flower-ed out kitchen. Another hosting-friendly design, this one is machine-washable and ready for wear and tear. This apron is available for sale online for $38.

Another option (not pictured), is the "Hostess Apron with Attitude" found on AHALife. It has a bold and festive design for cooking or entertaining in your kitchen, and is available online for $48.

Outlet Cover

Don’t overlook even the most minimal of details, remembering to deck out even your outlets in petal arrangements. This flower market double outlet cover in black is available for $22 online.