7 Ways to Upgrade Your Cereal

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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Cereal

1. Melted Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is the classic spread, and it goes with anything—from apples to jelly and bread to celery. Many Asian cuisines even feature peanuts in savory dishes; there’s just something about the mellowness of peanuts that balance anything out. So why not try it with cereal? To ensure a smooth distribution of nuttiness all around, put 5 spoonfuls of peanut butter and about a cup of milk in the microwave, heat, then mix. Enjoy each mouthful of perfect peanut butter, warm milk with cereal!

Photo by Lawrence Yu

Photo by Lawrence Yu

2. Snap, Crackle, and Pop
Rice Krispies, beloved for their unique texture and the sizzling sound it makes in milk, has established itself as a staple among cereal. Play up the texture even more with some actual rice—the grains will look the same, but you’ll certainly be in for a surprise when you put these in your mouth. Aficionados should also put in cooked rice, for a gumbo-like feel: cereal that keeps you on your toes.

3. A Hint of Salt
Salt in sweetness is all the rage now in food, with concoctions like salted caramel starting to become a staple flavor in some ice cream brands. Salt is a little touch of unexpectedness that brings out the sweetness in food: people even sprinkle salt on watermelon in Japan. So why not try it on your favorite bowl of Cocoa Puffs or Lucky Charms? All you need to do is sprinkle a little salt to your cereal, and voila! Your cereal is upgraded to something a little more fancy, with a little complication.

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Photo by Lawrence Yu

4. Taste of India
In Japan, where curry is very popular, mothers put milk in young children’s portions of curry so that it doesn’t taste as spicy. In this spin off of this milk-curry, it’s the other way around: put curry in milk. You’ll get a milder version of curry with bits of cereal floating around, just like rice in curry. For the most effective representation of curry rice, use Rice Krispies.

5. Sweet and Sour
Sweet and sour sauce is my favorite sauce to eat with chicken fingers at Wu. There’s just something so right about that balance of sweet and tart and salty. Sweet and sour is such a popular flavor in all types of Asian and Asian-inspired cuisine; from Vietnamese sweet and sour soup to Hawaiian pineapple pizza. You can incorporate this into your cereal with a few drops of lemon juice along with your favorite sweet cereal. If you are feeling inspired to try an Asian taste, try mixing some rice vinegar into your usual bowl of cereal.

Photo by Lawrence Yu

Photo by Lawrence Yu

6. A Health Boost
Many cereals are artificially infused with minerals and vitamins to make them healthier, but more nutrients couldn’t hurt. Try this new breakfast salad, which is just fruits and vegetables in cereal and milk. Any combo of your preference works, but personally, I love adding some kale, celery, squash, and a hint of garlic to some genmai cornflakes and whole milk. Sprinkling some pepper on it brings the whole thing together nicely. Start your day off with a filling, fiber and vitamin filled bowl!

7. Sushi
Everyone loves sushi, and everyone loves cereal—sushi cereal is the perfect way to incorporate both of those cravings into one spoonful. Chop some avocados and soak them in soy sauce for a few seconds, before adding them on top of your usual bowl of cereal. For an authentic taste, dissolve some wasabi into soy sauce on a different plate and pour over the cereal. The hint of spiciness will help you jump-star your day with something a little different!

This is a joke post for April Fools Day. You’re welcome to try these combinations, but we aren’t liable if you do. 

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