7 of the Most Popular and Experimental Trends at Paris Fashion Week

From www.justluxe.com by Marissa Stempien
7 of the Most Popular and Experimental Trends at Paris Fashion Week

When looking for upcoming trends and new styles we almost always turn to Paris. They are considered some of the most daring, eclectic designers of the bunch and have a tendency to push our conception of what can really be called fashion. While some of this season’s trends were totally wearable—knife pleating is easy enough to get on board with—some were a little harder to swallow. Saran wrap? Canadian tuxedos? Can anyone other than a supermodel pull these looks off? (And if you could would you even want to?) While we’re not quite slaves to fashion, we’ve been known to try a new look from time-to-time, even if it seems a little ridiculous. Fashion is all about having fun. So whether you’re ready to try something totally unexpected, or prefer to stick with tried-and-true favorites, here's a look at seven popular trends from Paris Fashion Week.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Alexander McQueen, Chanel

Canadian Tuxedos

Jean on jean has been gaining popularity with street-style stars over the past few seasons and during Paris Fashion Week it became a full-fledged trend. Chanel, Stella McCartney, Chloe and Alexander McQueen all sent a version of this look down the runway. Some were simplified versions—denim cut into the shape of crop tops or trousers, others were covered in patches, fabrics and baubles. A few all-jean dresses even made their way onto the runway this season. Of course, as a head-to-toe look, it is a pretty big commitment even for the most savvy of trendsetters, but we have to admit, it’s probably the most comfortable look on this list.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Loewe, Maison Margiela

Plastic Wrap

This came out of nowhere, but it’s probably one of the more original trends to emerge from Fashion Week. John Galliano sent cling wrap skirts down the Maison Margiela catwalk—some were trim on thigh-skimming tunics and others were wrapped around legs like pants or tights. At Loewe, there were plastic pants and skirts with nothing underneath, which took the sheer bottoms trend to an entirely new level. It would take the most daring fashion lover to pull off some of the more bottom-baring pieces, but done in the right way some of the more modest pieces could be great street-style fodder. 

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Dior, Yde

Puff Sleeves

This was not the season for skintight anything. Voluptuous sleeves were some of the most prevalent silhouettes on the runway, likely due to the recent influx of Victorian inspiration. Some pieces were a direct interpretation of this source while others used the shape and paired it with more modern trends such as the ‘70s revival. Yde paired large, billowy sleeves with ‘70s-style mini dresses, while Dior used the puffed sleeves in the Victorian-inspired French summer collection. Almost every time they were used, they were flattering and romantic—it’s a trend almost anyone could pull off.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Vionnet, Dior

Knife Pleating

Most often found on skirts, this tight pleating found its way onto trim, shirts and accessories during Paris Fashion Week.  The style is universally flattering and offers more movement than traditional pleating, so it’s perfect for the summer season. Each x Other used it to trim shirts and shorts, and Vionnet used it on bodices and fabric that hung off the waists of models. Other designers used it in more traditional ways on skirts and dresses. It’s a trend that’s easy to get behind, and most likely something that many fashion lovers already have sitting in the back of their closet.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga


Feathers, feathers everywhere. They were on dresses, shirts, bags, skirts, and ranged from the vintage and heavily layered style to light, wispy strands. Bigger pieces, including the gowns at Alexander McQueen might be the easiest to wear, but the tiny, floaty versions at Balenciaga might be more appropriate for summer. (Of course, all those tiny feathers might feel a bit itchy—we’d like to think it’s the sacrifice we make for fashion.) But there were shows, including Nina Ricci’s, which presented pieces that fell just between the two, offering up the best of both worlds.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Chloé, Chanel

Rainbow Colors

It’s no secret that Paris Fashion Week, much like New York, is often filled with chic black or monochromatic ensembles, but this season, designers sent rainbows down the runway. Pieces weren’t just done in more colorful shades, but multicolored designs were seen in collections throughout the week. Chanel did a particularly fun version of this with a reference to their Spring 2014 paint collection and Chloé did a modern, punchy take on the ‘70s color palette. None of them were too cutesy and it’s an easy way to bring color into any closet.

Paris fashion week trendsPhoto Credit: Chloé, Isabel Marant


Overalls are not going anywhere, and admittedly, they’re kind of growing on us. Especially since designers are revamping the trend by getting rid of denim entirely. These are not dusty farmer overalls. They’re updated with fun colors, luxurious fabrics and on-trend cuts, paired with fun shoes and accessories for summer. Isabel Marant did the ‘90s trend in a bright yellow color with rolled legs and skinny straps, while Chloé opted for a more traditional cut with side button closures, a front pocket on the bib and traditional clasps, but rendered in an exciting crimson shade.

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