7 Fashion-Friendly Cocktails

In honor of New York Fashion Week, a collection of favorite "skinny" cocktails
7 Fashion-Friendly Cocktails
Maryse Chevriere

You kind of lose track of how good you have it working in the food and drink industry. Until one day, when you're at some tasting event and the friend you've brought along who works in fashion looks around and goes, "Man, you guys are lucky, all we ever get at parties is Champagne."

It makes sense, of course, when you consider that the average glass of bubbly only has about 90 calories — a low-guilt choice for the form-conscious fashion folk. Still, there are plenty of other great low-calorie cocktail options out there, and so in honor of New York Fashion Week (September 8th-15th) we thought it only appropriate to round up a few favorites.


Champagne Cocktail

As much as we love a nice glass of quality Champagne, the simple additions in this classic cocktail give the drink a touch more flair. And if you're worried about that sugar cube the recipe calls for, just opt for ultra brut Champagne, which clocks in at a modest 65 calories per glass.


Tangerine Mimosas

Sure, Mimosas are an obvious choice because they call for Champagne as the base alcohol. Still, this version earns extra bonus points for using fresh-squeezed juice — a key to helping keep cocktails low-cal.


"Nouveau" Gin & Tonic

A favorite among low-calorie cocktail imbibers, this aromatic drink features NOLET's Sliver gin and all-natural "light" tonic water.


Not-Very-Bloody Mary

This sophisticated take on the popular brunch cocktail ditches the store-bought mix in favor of homemade tomato water. Not to mention the homemade green chiled-infused vodka packs quite a bit of heat, sure to kick-start your metabolism.


Fresh Coconut Cooler

The hydrating benefits of fresh coconut water combined with a splash of vodka. Who could resist?


Vandy Shandy

The bright combination of light beer, sparkling water, and fresh citrus juices is a perfectly sensible option for those who prefer beer over Champagne or cocktails.


H20 Cocktails

These creative drinks succeed in keeping things both light and flavorful by using fresh fruit-infused waters as a mixer.