7 Extreme Salt Flavors

What if salt tasted like Cheddar? Or bacon?

Need more butter? There's a salt for that.

Everything tastes better with salt, right? We love its flavor, as it can spice up anything bland. Its saltiness can make even your least favorite foods taste sort of OK and can make the worst cooking taste just a little bit better. If a meal isn’t up to par, shake on a little salt, and your taste buds will savor the salty sensation.

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Imagine if salt tasted like Cheddar… or bacon, though. You could add a little Cheddar-flavored salt and a little bacon-flavored salt to your french fries and have bacon cheese fries any time you want. Or if salt tasted like wine, it could be a classy complement to any steak dinner. And if salt tasted like butter — the possibilities are endless.

Now, stop imagining because these flavored salts and others exist. If you're craving pickles, you can sprinkle a little pickle-flavored salt onto your sliced cucumbers. Maybe sometimes you wish your food tasted sourer. There’s a salt for that too. From sweet to sour, it’s possible to add all kinds of flavors to your food and even make it taste like other food.

By now, you must be craving something savory. To give you something to look forward to, we’ve put together a collection of extreme salt flavors that you can stock your pantry with. We’ll introduce you to salt flavors you’ve probably only tasted in your dreams. Luckily, they’re real.