6 Bites of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Headed to this college town? Don’t miss these spots!

Ann Arbor, Michigan is filled with authentic and diverse cuisine.

When many people think of Ann Arbor, they may think of the University of Michigan, or simply of a "college town," but the beautiful, charming city is increasingly becoming an ethnically diverse culinary location. With cuisines ranging from Ethiopian to Polish to Italian to Turkish, the relatively small city is brimming with must-try restaurants and a burgeoning, innovative cocktail scene.

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The town is home to a collection of food trucks, called Mark’s Carts, which share a kitchen to produce their own street food creations. Ann Arbor is also known for its variety of brunch spots, which range from tried-and-true traditional diners to new spots putting a twist on an egg breakfast.

Ann Arbor is a melting pot of cultures, and as a result, the city is filled with authentic international flavors, many of which adding an international influence to American favorites, like burgers and pizza.


Whether you are a student, a local, or a visitor passing through, these spots in Ann Arbor have something unique and delicious to offer. Click through the slideshow to see for yourself!