6 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has a knack for being good at pretty much all the things... but these are our favorite things to buy there!

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We mean come on, you get clever puns and everything!


We are not talking about your typical grocery store, run-of-the-deli cheeses. Trader Joe’s has a selection of fine gourmet cheeses and tasty cheese combos, like apple cinnamon goat cheese.

Trader Joes Cheese


Paper Products

For paper products you can't get by without, trust in Trader Joe's! Their TP is all organic so your flushes won’t destroy the planet. As much.

trader joe's


Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole or Guacamole Kit

Flavorful, fresh, and as delicious as homemade guacamole, this prepackaged dip is perfect for party on guilt-free munchies on your couch. Or if you are insistent on making your own, they can give you all the fixins’ at a great deal too!

trader joe's guacamole


Fresh Flowers

There is no shortage of beautiful blossoms at Trader Joe's. For a reasonable price, you can liven up your table or bring a fresh bouquet to a dinner party and get the flower shop look for less!

trader joes flowers



And by chocolate, we mean all chocolate. From their gourmet desserts to their indigent candy bars, TJ's chocolate is always a welcomed treat.

trader joe's chocolate



For a healthy snack that won't cost you a pretty penny, try Trader Joe's assortment of nuts. You'll find great deals and delicious varieties there!

trader joe's nuts

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