The 6 Best Places To Volunteer In NYC

The 6 Best Places To Volunteer In NYC

Looking to try something new in the new year? Have you thought about volunteering? Here are the six best places to offer your time and talents in New York City, with tips to find just the right spot for you. By Sherry Mazzocchi

Animal Care and Control of NYC
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(courtesy: ASPCA)

locations in all five boroughs
Call 311 for more information

American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

424 E. 92nd St. NYC 10128
(212) 876-7700

If you love animals, New York is full of organizations that welcome assistance. Animal Care and Control needs people to walk dogs, play with cats and clean cages as well as perform administrative tasks. Interested in animal activism? Start your own neighborhood watch program and spot stray animals with tips from the ASPCA. Or use to get in touch with animal rescue organizations.

NYC Service

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(courtesy: NYCService)

Volunteering at the community level can make a big impact on a lot of lives. With NYC Service’s website, search by zip code or area of interest to find opportunities right in your own neighborhood. Whether it’s planting trees in parks, teaching yoga to seniors or tutoring children, this site has hundreds listings and is updated daily.

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Thinking of combining a vacation with a virtuous act? Perhaps you could develop a website in Belize or become a photographer in Peru. Have a look at–their website is chock-full of non-profit volunteer (and job) opportunities the world over.

New York Cares
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(courtesy: New York Cares)

Want to inspire your children to be better citizens? New York Cares has volunteer opportunities for teens as well as entire families. Whether you only want to donate to their holiday coat drive or teach children financial literacy, this organization finds the best opportunity for you.

The Samaritans of New York
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(courtesy: The Samaritans)

(212) 673-3000

Listening can save lives. Samaritans of New York offer an intensive training for suicide prevention hotline volunteers, who volunteer one morning or afternoon shift per week and one overnight shift per month answering the calls of those who are experiencing a crisis or suicidal thoughts.

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