5 Things You Should Never Order on a First Date

That is, if you want a second date...
Bad Date Foods

Wait until at least the third date to order any of these foods.

Buffalo Wings

Wings are delicious. They probably even make you and your date insanely happy. But the truth is, it’s hard to impress a new person with wing sauce all over your face.



Yes. Burritos are a crucial part of every relationship. But you can’t just burrito right away. You have to ease into a burrito dynamic. You can’t force these things on a first date. Burritos are too messy to eat in front of someone you want to like you. This is a few-dates-in kind of food.


Carbonated Beverages

Whether it is soda or beer, if it makes you burp, avoid it.


Garlic Bread

Two words: GARLIC. BREATH. Also, according to Scott Pilgrim’s first date with Ramona:


Spicy Dishes

There’s nothing flirty about sweating, chugging water, and blinking back painful tears.