5 Things Only a Vegan Would Understand

5 Things Only a Vegan Would Understand

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Yes, I’m a vegan and yes, I get plenty of protein.

When you become a vegan, suddenly everyone you know becomes a nutritionist (and they are incredibly concerned about your ability to get enough protein in your diet).

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When you’re eating out at Chipotle and they run out of guacamole it IS the end of the world. Seriously.

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The carnivore’s obsession with bacon has gone waaaay too far; bacon isn’t the answer to every question, bacon can’t solve any problems, and bacon clothing, cell phone cases, and Band-Aids are all kind of obnoxious.

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Always wanting to go out to eat at a vegan restaurant (and no, you can’t just “pick around” the meat or cheese in a dish when you’re eating out at a non-vegan restaurant with your friends).

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Why finding out that most refined sugar is processed with “natural carbon” (derived from animal bones) is the biggest letdown ever; so long, Oreos.

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