5 Things Only Democrats Eat

Certain leafy greens are a bit more blue than red

Pictured: Ethiopian food. Not pictured: Republicans.

Yesterday we brought you 5 Things Only Republicans Eat, so in the spirit of fairness, here are five foods that your average Republican wouldn’t be caught dead eating.


Is this some type of lettuce? When it comes to salads, Republicans will stick with the Caesar or the iceberg wedge.


This newfangled leafy green superfood seems to be everywhere these days, but you won’t find it in the refrigerators of many Republicans.


Damn hippies.

Ethiopian Food

How about a nice big sheet of injera with globs of doro wat, kek alicha wat, kifto, and baduu piled on top, and you have to eat it with your hands? It can be incredibly delicious, but it’s the definition of adventurous food, and only Democrats seem to really enjoy it.



What exactly is quinoa anyway? Some sort of grain? What do you do with it? Republicans will stick with mashed potatoes, thank you very much.