5 Things McDonalds Should Put on Its 'McBrunch' Menu

The chain has applied to trademark “McBrunch”
Wikimedia Commons

McChicken and Waffles, anyone?

McDonald’s has been serving breakfast for more than 30 years, but by 11 every morning the griddle heat is turned up and eggs are replaced by burgers. The chain is trying to keep up with more breakfast competition than ever these days, though, and fast food chains are raking in combined earnings of about $50 billion dollars a year during breakfast service, according to The Guardian. In order to command a larger piece of the pie, McDonald’s has applied to trademark the term “McBrunch,” but has yet to announce what new menu items they’re considering for it. Submitted for their approval, here are five items we’d love to see them add to their menu for brunch service.

McChicken and Waffles

It’s a classic pairing, and they already have fried chicken patties at the ready (as well as some leftover Mighty Wings). And if they can serve pancakes, they can serve waffles.

McCheesy Hash Browns

Two hash browns, sandwiching eggs, cheese, and ham, sausage, or bacon. Get. It. Done.


There’s no reason why grits can’t be an option.


Ham and cheese in an omelette (or a McFrittata?) would make for a perfect McBrunch dish, especially when served along with a bagel or biscuit.

French McToast


Eggy, bready, and cinnamon-y, McFrench Toast would be a great addition to the menu. It could also spawn a whole “secret” menu of its own, once eggs and cheese get involved.