5 Summer Outings with the Culinary Content Network

Our contributors share their summer travels and tastes

1840 Farm highlights the bucolic adventures of Happy Days Farm.

In addition to it being the time of year for summer vacations, it’s also time for the seasonal comeback of some of our favorite produce. Our Culinary Content Network has taken note, and looking at their recent posts, contributors are eager to share their latest trip and taste news.

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This week, 1840 Farm “blog hops” while featuring a post from the ladies of Happy Days Farm located in Burlington, N.C. Makobi Scribe also stops down in the “Old North State” to learn about Moravian culture in Salem, one of the state’s historically important towns.

Keeping up with Makobi Scribe, we also check out their visit to the Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Arizona. Back on the east coast, Sparrows & Spatulas shares a Brooklyn brunch from a recent visit to New York City, while 22nd & Philly rounds up the local food scene in Philadelphia.


But we’ll let them tell the story for themselves -- check out the slideshow to see and ready more about their adventures!