5 Spring Break Trips From the Culinary Content Network

Whether or not we can leave town, we’re ready to take a break with our CCN bloggers

A Boston Food Diary relaxes in SoHo's Mondrian Hotel

March has a tendency to inspire a serious travel itch. On the cusp of winter, this month’s longer days and rising temperatures can easily motivate us to pack up and head out of town for a weekend for a much need spring break. This week, contributors from our Culinary Content Network do just that and head out across the U.S. for different tastes, room service, and a general change of scenery.

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From San Diego, Calif., to the Big Apple, bloggers go near and far to review new restaurants in Colorado, fall in love with cafés in Las Vegas, tour Texas BBQ joints, enjoy some pie and paragliding in San Diego, and discover top-of-the-line hotels in New York.

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Not all of us (cough, cough) are necessarily able to jet-set this month, but until next time, take a moment to live vicariously through our talented and hungry bloggers.They may not go very far from home this time around, but sometimes quality of the experience trumps the quantity of miles.