5 Photos to Celebrate National Doughnut Day

These doughnuts are what you should be eating today

How are we supposed to choose?

Doughnuts are fluffy circles of joy. They come in so many flavors and are constantly being reinvented. There’s cream doughnuts, jelly doughnuts, red velvet cake Doughnuts, and everyone’s favorite hybrid, cronuts.

We love donuts so much that we even rounded up the best donuts in America. There's everything from maple glazed bacon donuts to one called the "cinnamon glob." Honestly who could resist a good donut? They are so amazing that they definitely deserve their own national holiday. And today is that day. 

It’s time to celebrate. National Doughnut Day is here at last. You could honor the day by getting some free doughnuts from shops across the nation. Or you could whip up your own doughnut burger for a wacky celebration meal.  Any way you choose celebrate, you’ll want to take a look at these photos for some delicious inspiration.

Sugar Spice Doughnuts

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.

(Flickr/Ann Gordon)

Sprinkled Doughnuts

They are so colorful we almost don’t want to eat them, but we totally will. 


Mini Doughnuts

These are so cute that you won’t mind that you’d have to eat about a hundred to feel full.



A delicious food hybrid like this deserves the hype.


All the Doughnuts

So many options. We want them all right now.

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