The 5 Most Delicious Breakup Foods to Drown Your Sorrows In

Because something has got to make you feel better, right?

When we break up with someone, there are certain stages we all must follow.

See what foods will get you through your break up

1. First there is the drunken immediate hook-up.

2. Then there is the drunk-dialing.

3. Then, once our bodies have realized that no more good can come from a $7 plastic bottle of rum, we turn to food.

Yes food, something we have come to associate with the warmth of our mother’s bosom, the good company of friends around a table, and the ever so faint smell of meatloaf and cigarette smoke that reminds us of home. Is that just me?

OK then, moving on. Nothing will get you out of your bed and onto the couch watching I Love Lucy on WE TV faster than greasy buttery food, so let’s celebrate the finest comfort foods that are there when no one else is with this list of great comfort foods that’ll see you through any hard time.