5 Healthy Cooking Tips for Summer

Keep that beach body looking great the rest of the summer with these helpful tips
Healthy Cooking Tips
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Don’t miss these simple, but helpful tips.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. These very simple tips could help you kick-start a fabulous diet change.

1. Omit unnecessary additives

Abstaining from ingredients like oil, fat and lard can reduce your weekly caloric intake by 1500 calories.

2. Cook using lower temperatures

High heat and boiling water remove valuable vitamins and nutrients from otherwise healthy foods.

3. Taste before you waste!

Foods will retain more of their natural flavors when prepared using the VaporCooking Method making additives such as salt and other unhealthy condiments unnecessary. Bonus tip: If you like a little kick (spicy or sweet), try adding peppers. They contain capsaicin which raises levels of an appetite-suppressing hormone.

4. Grazing is good!

If you tend to snatch a few bites here and there throughout your day, that’s okay. Getting your recommended daily dose of calories is all that matters. Keep healthy snacks nearby so that you’re not tempted by the office vending machine.

5. Proper preparation makes all the difference.

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When preparing a healthy meal, lay out all ingredients, equipment and utensils necessary before you begin. This will ensure a pleasant cooking experience, so you’re less likely to stress-eat later