5 Fictitious Eateries We Want to Visit


Sometimes the greatest thing about our favorite TV shows isn’t the drama, but rather the food the characters are eating — and the place. We’ve compiled a list of all the spots we’d like to grab a bite at, sip pensively, drink away our sorrows and do a little twist.

Central Perk

This one is a given — the coffee hangout from Friends felt like home after ten seasons. The muffins always looked glorious and those mugs of coffee were SO BIG. Pair that with Rachel serving you the wrong order, Phoebe debuting Smelly Cat on open mic night, Gunther pining for Rachel from afar, or The Kiss in the doorway (you know the one I’m talking about — before they were “on a break!”). 

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The Max

Going on a date with Zach Morris to grab a burger at The Max — could any girl in the nineties imagine a better night? Saved By the Bell’s catch-all restaurant (after-school bites, date night, a dance competition…?) was featured in nearly every episode and had scenes of heartbreak, love and, of course, classic nineties sweaters. Cut out the necks of your ‘Bayside’ sweatshirts, slide into a booth somewhere and pretend you’re surrounded by the gang — it’s the next best thing.

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MacLaren’s Pub

I could tell you why this famous watering hole is on the list, but it’s a long story — nine seasons long, in fact. Home to one of our favorite crews, this pub made famous by How I Met Your Mother seems to have bottomless drinks, impossible-to-empty bowls of peanuts and the best group of friends around. Origin of the slap bet and the best pick-up line in history (“Haaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?”), MacLaren’s seems to be the perfect place for both a brew and a venting session.

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Jack Rabbit Slim’s

A five dollar shake? Yes, please. Twisting to Chuck Berry with THE John Travolta? Double yes, please. The famous 50′s-themed diner from Pulp Fiction is what Travolta’s Vincent Vega called a “wax museum with a pulse,” complete with lookalikes from the era. While sitting in a vintage car-turned-booth, they’d always order standard diner fare (the milkshake is a particular focal point), but the restaurant’s best moment is its twist contest — which Mia and Vincent win obviously.

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Luke’s Diner

No cell phones. One waitress. About five tables. One very angry proprietor. Sign us up. Gilmore Girls’ Luke’s Diner supplied the hungry ladies with no shortage of pancakes, burgers, fries, coffee and sodas — but it was the big moments that happened there that made us want to sit at the counter. Two exceptional highlights: that iconic last shot of the pilot, when Lorelei forgets her pants on the way to get coffee and everyone’s favorite (if not, you probably will receive poor service), Lorelei’s proposal.

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