5 Easy To Make Recipes From Leftovers

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5 Easy To Make Recipes From Leftovers

A good stylist is someone who can put an outfit together with whatever is available in the closet. A good chef is someone who can cook a delicious meal with the given ingredients in the fridge. I personally believe that a tasty dish does not require a golden recipe. Cooking should be about creativity and flexibility. The secret ingredient that makes something so mouth-watering good is your effort not Nutella (sorry Nutella fans!). Next time when you have leftovers, try the following makeovers:

1. Fried rice. Leftover bits of meats and vegetables are great for fried rice. If your leftover is pre cooked, make sure you heat it up for 5-10 minutes so it’s not soggy. My all time favorite leftover idea is Hawaiian fried rice made with pineapple and spam. Say aloha to a sweet and sour mix!

If you have leftover fried rice, omelette rice is an effortless reinvention. All you need is two eggs and ketchup and you know can’t go wrong with ketchup!

2. Salad. Toss whatever you have into a salad of your choice. It’s healthy and it clears up your fridge. Mix and match salad is a quick way to fix something light to eat after running errands or working out in the gym. If you have time, boil an egg or two to add to your salad. Protein from hard boiled eggs is definitely better than vomit like protein shakes.

3. Smoothie or milkshake. Are you someone who forgets to eat fruits? I know I’m. I barely meet my daily fruit quota unless orange juice counts. However, when I’m free I treat myself with fresh banana strawberry smoothie. My recipe is nothing fancy, just banana that’s about to go bad, milk, honey, and ice cubes.

4. Noodles or pasta. Leftover chicken broth comes handy when you want to make dumpling noodle soup. Boil the frozen dumplings before adding to the broth. Throw in vegetables like mushroom and broccoli to enhance taste of the broth.  

5. Stir fry. Stir fry is another safe zone for beginners but don’t get carried away with soy sauce because you don’t want your dish to be too salty. If you prefer a darker color, go easy on the salt. As I said before, cooking is about flexibility.

Now what's your excuse for no quick recipes?