5 Drink-Inspired Memorial Day Party Ideas

How to throw a memorable bash according to your entertainment style and friends' drinking profiles
5 Drink-Inspired Memorial Day Party Ideas

Your guests will love these unique ideas.

4. Search Out an Array of Artisan Beers

Start with those made in your area. Even brew pubs that don’t bottle their beers have growlers for take-away sale. Depending on availability, mix in seasonal beers, IPAs, wheat brews, and the darker stouts and porters. Then throw in some regional beers such as Sierra Nevada that are sold somewhat broadly. A favorite of mine is Anchor Steam from San Francisco — one of the original artisan breweries — that I love downing at the San Francisco airport after a week of wine drinking in Napa and Sonoma. Some of the most creative beers are made by Dogfish Head in Delaware, while those from Samuel Adams in Boston are always solid and available. Want to search around a bit? Look for Victory from Pennsylvania.


5. Have a Mix-You-Own Party

Hosts often complain that they are too busy to enjoy their own party, so why not just assemble the fixin’s and let your guests do the mixin’? White spirits — vodka, gin and tequila — are the most popular basic ingredients for cocktails, but also include the brown liquors such as rums and blended whiskies (Scotch and/or American). Next, assemble some fruit juices and mixes (bloody mary, orange juice, lemon juice), white and red Vermouth, bitters, and garnishes such as lemons, limes, olives, cocktail onions and celery. For variety, get some of the exotic ginger and pomegranate liqueurs for mixing, a few different flavored vodkas from Van Gogh and the “cukey” gin, Hendrick’s. For guests with poor memories or no creative impulses, strategically place a copy of the Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide at the end of your bar.

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