5 Delicious Drinks You Can Make With Fireball Whisky

Oh yes, it's that that time of year again. The leaves turn and fall, the air becomes brisk, and the temperature of our food and drink is gets turned up. Enter Fireball Whiskey, a Canadian favorite with a kick that has helped our comrades to the north combat the artic winters; and the tagline: "Tastes like Heaven, Burns like Hell," gives a pretty accurate description of the kick that the drinker endures during consumption.

Likened to Red Hots candies, the cinnamon flavored firewater is 33% alcohol by volume (that's 66 U.S. proof for whoever is counting)–being warmed from the inside-out seems like an understatement. So, if you're not the type to sit sipping a Hot Toddy by the fireplace, may we suggest another method? Try one of these delicious drinks that will satisfy (and warm up), no jacket required.


Devil's Advocate

.75 oz Fireball Whiskey

.75 oz spiced rum

.75 oz apple schnapps

Fill with lemon-lime soda and serve on the rocks.


The Man-Mosa

1.5 ounces Fireball

3 ounces Champagne

Splash orange juice

Combine chilled ingredients and enjoy.



Fireball Whiskey

Apple Cider

Mix equal parts in a coffee mug.


French Toast

4 parts Fireball Whiskey™

1 part butterscotch liqueur

1 part orange juice


Ginger Balls

1 part Fireball

5 parts ginger ale

Garnish with cherries and serve on the rocks.