5 Classy Ways to Take Your Cannabis Consumption to Pro Level

From www.justluxe.com by Mila Pantovich
5 Classy Ways to Take Your Cannabis Consumption to Pro Level

Now that marijuana use is edging close and closer to full legalization, lovers of the bud are coming out of their smoke-filled closets to greet the world with their heads held high (pun totally intended). Of course, with greater acceptance comes marketability, meaning tons of companies have been going public with high-end goods and accessories. With cannabis heading into wine territory, people are realizing that not all weed is created equal and if you’re going to partake, you better make it count. From luxury monthly subscriptions to the “Mercedes-Benz” of vaporizers, we’ve found five ways to “class up” your smoking game. 

firefly, marijuana,vapor Photo Credit: Firefly
Firefly Vaporizer

With a design that looks similar to that of a giant key fob, the Firefly dynamic convection vaporizer ($269) promises that it is the only loose-leaf design that heats instantly to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. While we haven’t tried it, Vaporizer Wizard has and assures that it does indeed heat up in as little as five seconds. To use, all you do is lift off the magnetic lid to reveal the borosilicate glass heating chamber, loosely load it with your finely ground blend, and snap the lid back on. A button on the side controls the heat (the hotter it is, the richer the vapor) and a warm burning glow emits from the lid’s window, giving it the “firefly” name. It may be larger than others on the market (it’s around the same height as a Galaxy S4, with its heft attributed to stainless steel), but Firefly is easy to clean and super stylish. In fact, Vaporizer Wizard lists it as their favorite, with only the desktop Volcano vaporizer topping it (you can find that later in the list). Plus, thanks to its removable lithium-ion battery, you can get an hour of constant use. 

marvina, marijuanaPhoto Credit: Marvina

We love a good monthly subscription service and Marvina is one of the two luxury cannabis clubs we chose to highlight. By working with only the best California-based growers, the boutique company promises “curated cannabis for grown-ups” and with each assortment they include tasting notes—much like what often accompanies high-end wine. You can choose between sativa for a daytime high that ramps up creativity or the indica for a relaxing nighttime high that helps reduce pain. Plus, they don’t just offer flower boxes, they also have a flower and edible box—both priced at $95, $175 or $325 a month depending on how much you want.

volcano vaporizer, marijuana Photo Credit: STORZ & BICKEL
Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer has been a favorite among the elite for a long time now and is affectionately nicknamed the “Mercedes-Benz” of toking up. You may have even noticed the desktop gadget when it was featured on Showtime’s Weeds and HBO’s Bored to Death. When talking with The Daily Beast, Allen St. Pierre—the executive director of NORML (a top marijuana lobbying organization)—said, “If you’re buying this, you are either an aficionado, or you are well-read in the best ways to deliver cannabis to your body as science currently tells us.” Made in Germany, the sleek device isn’t just used for marijuana purposes; one can also utilize it for aromatherapy, whether it be in the home or in a gourmet restaurant. The digital version is priced at $500 for just the unit, but a starter package only costs $599 and comes with a ton of useful goodies, like cleaning tools and an air filter kit.

cannador, marijuana Photo Credit: Cannador
5-Strain Cannador

If you’re going to be buying high-end pot, you better get a fantastic Cannador ($209-$219) to store it all in. Similar to a humidor, this large wooden box keeps your favorite strains at the optimum level of humidity. It can hold five perforated cans in the main compartment, while a covered nook can fit pipes and other accessories. The removable humidity bead system on the inner lid maintains the perfect moisture level and the mahogany box has a beveled inner edge to seal in air. The best part? The Cannador is sleek and nondescript from the outside, so no one will know what waits inside if you don’t want them to. 

pot box, marijuana Photo Credit: Potbox

Promising ethically-grown medical cannabis, each Potbox includes two wax-sealed pre-rolled joints and a quarter-ounce of two different strains (you choose between hybrid, indica, or sativa) that are customized to your preferences. Each delivery also comes with lab results detailing the chemical levels within the product and information on where it was grown, which is part of their pledge to be 100 percent transparent. Though it is currently only available in San Francisco, Potbox (priced $149 per month) has plans to expand to Los Angeles. 

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