5 Brain Foods for Finals Week


It’s everyone’s favorite time of the semester (NOT!): finals week. If you’re subletting your apartment for the week while camping out at Bobst, you’ll need some serious brain food to power you through. Whether it’s all-nighters with your textbooks, 8 a.m. finals (rude, we agree), or 20-page thesis papers, these 5 brain foods are sure to get you straight to Christmas.

1. Eggs

Eggs provide one of the best doses of choline out there. Choline-rich foods have been said to aid in memory retention, and the protein in eggs make them perfect for pre-exam breakfast fuel.

Photo by Becky Hughes

2. Salmon

Among other fatty fish such as trout and sardines, salmon is high in DHA and EPA which are important for brain health. Treat yourself to a hearty salmon dinner pre-study sesh to get your brain in the game.

Photo by Becky Hughes

3. Blueberries

Studies have shown that these guys help prevent memory loss- extra helpful when trying to memorize all 50 math formulas for tomorrow’s cumulative final.

Photo by Becky Hughes

4. Pumpkin Seeds

These little gems are are full of zinc which is crucial for thinking and memory, making them a trendy (and healthy) study snack or pre-final nutrient boost.

Photo by Becky Hughes

5. Coffee

Believe it or not, that Starbucks run does more than just keep you awake. Caffeine, in moderation, has been linked to antioxidants and increased brain power. Tea works all the same. Major bonus for the latte lovers out there.

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