5 of Beverly Hills' Top Hotels Celebrate the City's Centennial With Custom Suites

5 of Beverly Hills' Top Hotels Celebrate the City's Centennial With Custom Suites

The city of Beverly Hills, CA is celebrating its centennial this year, and five of the city's best hotels are teaming up to observe the milestone in an extraordinary way. In a promotion deemed Suite 100 and conceptualized by the Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau, each of these luxury hotels have intricately redecorated one of their premier suites in an effort to take guests back to various periods in the city's history while featuring the style and glamour of earlier eras.

event_venue=###contact_name=###contact_phone=###contact_email=The Beverly Hills HotelPhoto Credit: Peter Vitale/The Beverly Hills Hotel

The participating hotels and their corresponding moments in time include:

  • The Beverly Hilton - "Stylish, Sophisticated Sixties: A Re-Imagined Revolution"
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows - "The Golden Age Inspired by Marilyn Monroe"
  • L'Ermitage Beverly Hills - "The Era of Studio 54 - Fashion & Art Collide"
  • Montage Beverly Hills - "Forties Film Noir"
  • The Peninsula Beverly Hills - "The Birth of Modern Luxury"

L'Ermitage Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: John Ellis Photography/L'Ermitage

Each of these suites have been designed to take guests back to some of the most exciting times in the emergence of Beverly Hills as an affluent and luxury powerhouse across the globe. Project director Susan Manrao and the hotel’s interior designers have pulled out all the stops in crafting a once-in-a-lifetime hotel stay.

The Beverly HiltonPhoto Courtesy of The Beverly Hilton

As if that didn't sound fun enough, the suites each come with their own perks relevant to their time period and hotel, but we're absolutely giddy over the idea of the "Press for Champagne" button at Montage Beverly Hills. When pressed, it'll immediately be responded to by a bellman and a bottle of bubbly.

beverly hillsPhoto Credit: Jeff Lewis/AP Images for BHCVBmontagePhoto Courtesy of Montage Beverly Hills