5 Best Travel Videos of the Year

Our favorite videos of 2011 that brought us across the world

Eat by Rick Mereki

Travelers with video cameras often capture the craziest things. Some travel videos are gorgeous montages of exotic scenes; others are quick, snappy videos of an amazing custom in a foreign land.

Here, we’ve rounded up our five favorite travel videos of the year, movies that got us wanderlusting and itching to get on the next plane out. Hey, it’s the new year. It’s the perfect time to set some travel goals.


Eat by Rick Mereki
This gorgeous split-screen video comes from three guys who traveled through 11 countries in 44 days. The resulting footage is mouthwatering (also check out Move and Learn, equally beautiful).


It happens only in India !!! - bashaparveen
Workers in India took YouTube by storm with their crazy talent for packing, boxing, wrapping, serving, and everything in between. This video cuts together all the different clips that went viral, making it a perfect way to recap the year.


Heladero de circo - Haritzweb
Turkish ice cream vendors tend to have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and this vendor in particular kept his customer (and a crowd) captivated for 90 seconds. It’s all in good fun though, so watch the charming tricks above.



During summer in the Arctic Circle, the sun never fully sets, with sunset at midnight and sunrise at 3 a.m. This timelapse video shows you the best scenes of Iceland, shot by a lone traveling photographer. “You MUST visit Iceland sometime during your lifetime. You will never regret it,” the photographer writes. We don’t doubt it.


Sub City Paris - Redglass Pictures
This quiet video exploring the underground world of Paris is one of the most compelling stories out there. Along with Sub City New York, which started it all, the series perfectly captures the quietness of subterranean traveling (with nonexistent cell phone service and whatnot) and the disorienting emergence into the real world. Watch and be transported.

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