4,700 Live Ducks Escape Delivery Truck

An overturned truck spilled thousands of ducks onto the road
Wikimedia/ AnRo0002

A truck accident stalled traffic on a German motorway after 4,700 live ducks escaped onto the road.

Drivers might be willing to make way for ducklings, but thousands of full-grown adult ducks make for a much less cute story, as drivers in Germany discovered this week when a truck accident left the motorway covered with waddling ducks.

According to The Local, a truck carrying several thousand live ducks, raised for eating, crashed early Wednesday morning on a motorway in central Germany. The crash caused the truck to tip over and catch fire, and while the driver and his passenger were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, many of the ducks escaped into the road. Unsure of where to go from there, the ducks just ran around for a few hours while traffic built up on both sides of the road.


Traffic jams were reportedly several miles long, and police were forced to close the road in both directions while firefighters put out the truck fire and tried to do something about the thousands of ducks waddling around the highway. Eventually most of the ducks were caught, and the road was opened up again.