4-Year-Old Adorably Teaches Us to Make Red Velvet Cupcakes

It's all sorts of adorable

Do we see another Christina Tosi on the rise? Inhabitot's 4-year-old Petey Rojas stars in this super sweet how-to video to make vegan red velvet cupcakes. Better yet, they're heart-shaped.

Other than make us feel incredibly ashamed of our baking repertoire (slice and bake for the win, obviously), this video might just make us want to try making things from scratch, investing in all sorts of vegan things like vegan sugar and chocolate. Bake these up for your sweetie tonight, or just to serve with a glass of wine for a night in.

Check out the tot's mad decorating skills (and mixing skills, and narrating skills) below, as Rojas talks you through a step-by-step recipe for making red velvet cupcakes. Top with raspberries and enjoy. We expect to see Rojas winning a kid-version of Next Great Baker or perhaps Top Chef: Just Desserts. How can judges say no to that adorable face?