33 Books Co. Five Year Anniversary

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33 Books Co. Five Year Anniversary

It’s been Five years since Portlander Dave Selden launched his pocket sized tasting notebook 33 Beers and has since spun it off into 33 Book Co. with entries as obvious as 33 Wines and 33 Ciders to as obscure as 33 Hot Sauces. Dave Selden was an art director and one of Portland’s first beer bloggers when I met him as a regular customer at Belmont Station before he took 33 Books into a full-time job. Starting this week Dave will launch his latest tasting notebook -  33 Champagnes and you might remember last years spinoff “The United States of Beer: Unique Beer Tasting Map” which now has wine and scotch versions.

At an anniversary party for 33 Books Co. earlier this week Supergreat a local video production company debuted a great short production video featuring Dave Selden and his mini tasting book empire. View it above.


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