China Builds Giant Wine Bottle

The 30-foot bottle was created for the Yantai International Wine Expo and weighs 3 tons

China is known for doing things big — the world’s most populated country built the Great Wall of China, and has now built an equally impressive feat: a 30-foot-long wine bottle.

The bottle was crafted in honor of the Sixth Yantai International Wine Expo, and filled with a wine made especially for the event. Weighing in at 3 tons, the bottle will have plenty to go around. "We wanted to make sure everyone at the exhibition had the chance to taste our wine," a spokesman told the Austrian Times, "and with the size of this, it turns out one bottle was enough."

Attendees were not forced to choose between quality and quantity. The 450-plus wine producers from around the world were impressed with both the size and quality of the Jinding claret inside the gargantuan bottle.

The event itself was no modest affair. Three musical acts followed the official opening of the exhibition, in addition to other wine-themed performances and several blasts of confetti canons and clouds of pink billowy smoke. (Fancy.)

Wine has become an increasingly popular libation of choice in China, perhaps due to the country's rising middle class, asserts the U.K. website Metro.