3 Red Wines to Beat the Winter Blues

Red wines to weather any storm

Let it snow, people. We’ve got a list of reds to weather any storm. For today, consider us here at the Daily Sip your personal storm team. We did some legwork, err… umm… some glasswork and have three great reds to wash away the winter blues.

BERSANO Barolo Riserva 2006 (Piedmont, Italy) $95

If it’s a big storm, and you’ve got a big budget, go big with this barolo which, like all barolos, is made 100 percent from nebbiolo grapes. For a barolo (which is usually very expensive), it’s a good value. Snuggle up to the fire, pour a glass of this intensely flavored red, and cook up some mushroom risotto. The intensity of the wine will compliment the richness of the dish. Find it here.

AMAPOLA CREEK Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 (Sonoma, Calif.) $60

Nothing says weather chaser better than this rich cabernet with notes of cedar, chocolate, and dark berries. Big and balanced, the wine is the perfect stormy match for a fatty steak or something gamey. Find it here.

DE MARTINO Cabernet Malbec 2010 (Maipo Valley, Chile) $12

If the rations are low, this organic red is bold enough to keep you warm all on its own. Find some cheese and cold cuts, and whip up some sandwiches. Well-priced for longer storms in case multiple bottles are needed. Find it here.

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Don’t shovel the driveway. Pop a cork instead. And if you don’t get snow where you live, pop a cork anyway. It’s still winter right?