3 Iconic New York City Foods Travelers Stuck in Manhattan Can Still Eat Post-Hurricane Sandy

Where to look for New York City’s most iconic foods post-Hurricane Sandy

Where to find New York City's most iconic (non-refrigerated) treats post-Hurricane Sandy.

Trying to find a hot meal after a hurricane can be a challenge, particularly when the power is off. But travelers stranded in New York City can still enjoy some of New York City’s most iconic treats — several which don’t require refrigeration. 

While some shops may have generator power or have had power restored, be wary of eating perishable goods that could have been re-refrigerated post-storm. Hotels are a great option for finding food, as many have backup generators ensuring that food has remained chilled throughout the storm and beyond. Even if travelers can’t make it to a hotel, they can still find some of the Big Apple’s most iconic treats. Get them before supplies run out.

Bagels: A simple mix of flour, yeast, malt, water, and salt, the chewy, crusty round bread is often smeared with a thick layer of cream cheese and lox. As many New Yorkers agree that bagels shouldn’t be toasted, the lack of a power source shouldn’t deter travelers from enjoying a genuine New York City bagel. While you will have to avoid the usual toppings that require refrigeration, you can try alternative toppings like peanut butter, almond butter, and jam. While Ess-A-Bagel is closed, decent bages can be found on the Upper West Side at Zabar's.

Black and White Cookies: A staple of Manhattan bakeries and delis, black and white cookies are ubiquitous. The soft, cake-like cookies half frosted with chocolate and half frosted with vanilla made famous by Seinfeld are a hearty snack that are still on Manhattan shelves, like Zabar's and Crumbs Bake Shop, a cupcake chain with shops across Manhattan that also sells cookies.

Pickles: Pickled cucumbers have been a mainstay in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Whether you indulge in a sour, sweet, or spicy pickle (the variety depends on their brine), the portable treat packs a satisfying crunch with a sandwich. While traditional meats require refrigeration, tuna is still a possibility to accompany a nice sour pickle. Since one of New York City's go-to places, Ess-A-Pickle remains shuttered due to the continued power outage, Carnegie Deli in midtown is open.


Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.