3 Great Pasta Recipes for Dinner

The Culinary Content Network figures out how to make pasta more interesting
Fresh Pasta Vs Dry Pasta

We get advice at Eataly on when to buy particular pastas

Broccolini Sausage Pasta

What is for dinner? That's a question every home cook asks each week, and the members of the Culinary Content Network are always here to help. And this week, they're serving up some fantastic pasta recipes that will make you look forward to cooking dinner when you get home.

Try this Broccolini Sausage Pasta from Lynda Balslev, author of the blog TasteFood. Most of the ingredients are probably ones you already have in your pantry and freezer, so this meal is a snap to make. (Photo courtesy of Lynda Balslev)

Need something special for a pick-me-up during the middle of the week? Try this Lobster Ravioli recipe from The Family Feed. (Photo courtesy of thefamilyfeed.com)

What's fregola, you ask? It's a Sardinian pasta that looks like pearl couscous. If you can't find fregola, just use pearl couscous instead — we won't tell Megan, author of the blog Delicious Dishings and creator of this Spring Vegetable Fregola. (Photo courtesy of megan-deliciousdishings.blogspot.com)


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