3 Easy, Cheap DIY Fall Gifts

These easy, fast, and inexpensive are a perfect simple gift for any fall lover

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Cranberry Jam is the perfect gift with Thanksgiving nearby, plus it's so simple to make!

When it comes to giving a gift from the heart, many creative souls turn to the world of arts and crafts. You see tons of projects that are both intricate and thoughtful—way more than the gift cards you purchase for every gifting occasion. Some of us just lack the ability to get crafty without a little help. If you’re not great at crafting, don’t fret! We cooked up three easy, cheap ideas that you can DIY to look like the crafiest gifter around. . Whether it is for a tailgate, dinner party, or just a friendly gesture, these gifts are heartfelt and easy on the wallet..

The three best DIY Fall Gifts are:

Starbucks has a “create your own” mug and tumbler you canpersonalize. Themug, which sells for $14.95, comes with a pen that allows you to personalize it. Allow the mug to dry after writing your adorable message, bake it for twenty minutes at 450° and then let it cool. For the tumbler, print photos or messages that your loved one can admire every time they take a sip of their pumpkin coffee! In addition, both gifts are great for tailgating. Add a little something special by putting some candy or a homemade treat before you give these away!

It’s definitely a classic that never gets old: a homemade jar of jam is both tasty and thoughtful. With the Thanksgiving Countdown already under way, cranberry jam suits the season well. You can upcycle a jar from your kitchen, slap a homemade label on it, and wham! You have the ultimate fall gift for the autumn table. It takes almost no time to make. The recipe requires a jar, you can reuse one of your own or buy a new one, and four simple ingredients: canned cranberry sauce, honey, golden raisins, and salt.

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After you’re done drinking your wine, don’t throw out the bottles! Wash them out and  they can be used to give your loved one a creative flower bouquet or center piece for their next dinner party. Whether you choose an arrangement of poppy, dahlia, or ranunculus, the flowers look more vibrant with a when placed in a clear or dark glass bottle. Only the flower buds will be seen, so don’t worry about making the arrangement looking perfect.