2014’s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

2014’s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

South Florida is an urban area with a great array of restaurants differing in types of cuisine offered. There are wonderful options for the tourists who arrive daily in the area and the married couple who doesn’t like to cook and chooses to dine out more than order delivery. The communities where these businesses are located get enhanced with foot traffic as people dress up in semi-formalwear and practice good manners while eating delicious food prepared by veteran chefs from all over the nation and, for some businesses, all over the world. Walk the wide sidewalks of Brickell Avenue and look up at the skyscrapers or smell the ocean walking on the waterfront in Ft. Lauderdale or along Collins Avenue. These five restaurants won’t disappoint. In fact, you’ll keep returning again and again to eat their menu offerings.

1 be 2014s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

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Bistro BE
1111 SW 1st Ave.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 375-0975

On the luxurious sidewalks of Brickell Avenue, one could take a trip to Belgium and eat at Bistro BE where owner Emmanuel Verschueren has set out to show people in Miami the food of his homeland. Chef Frederik Appelt comes from Belgium and offers authentic Belgian dishes (mussels, frites and waffles). He also meshes the best influences of nearby Germany and France in his menu offerings and presentation.

2 rum line 2014s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

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The Rum Line
1601 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 695-0110

The Rum Line restaurant can transport native Floridians back to when there was still ferry service from Key West to Havana. On the terrace of the St. Moritz Hotel on Collins Avenue, The Rum Line is an outdoor bar with menu and cocktail offerings to be enjoyed while looking out at the Atlantic Ocean under the moonlight. The restauranteurs responsible for this creation are Josh Capon, Joshua Pickard and John McDonald (creators of Lure Fishbar at the Loews Hotel) coupled with South Florida restaurant operators Sol Alvarez and Seth Alexander.

blt prime 2014s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

(Source: http://www.bltprimemiami.com)

BLT Prime
4400 NW 87th Ave.
Doral, FL 33178
(305) 591-6606

BLT Prime’s identity takes on the style of its designers, Eric Trump and Peter Niemitz, with rich finishes of walnut, leather and suede in a circular, 360-degree angled view of the restaurant and the outdoor Blue Monster golf course. A family could sit after playing the course or enjoying the pool and feel comfortable while eating fantastic pieces of Angus-style beef. The interior of the Trump National Resort is an escape from the urban landscape surrounding it.

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fork and balls 2014s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

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Fork & Balls
1301 E Las Olas Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 771-2257

For meatball aficionados, there is Fork & Balls, which opened this year. It has all kinds of meatballs (lamb, ground sirloin, chicken) and the sauces, cheeses and various presentations only add to the delicious meaty components. There are also salads, sandwiches, sliders and subs on the menu. It is comfort food and perfect for the particular customer who has had their fill of steak or chicken at other restaurants.

5 shooters 2014s Top New Restaurants In South Florida

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Shooters Waterfront
Barry University, Broad Auditorium
3033 NE 32nd Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
(954) 566-2855

There are just some times when one wants to eat a fresh fish or fried fish. Shooters Waterfront reopened this February under new ownership and the waterfront vista is better than ever. Succulent dishes like crab, grouper, tuna and other maritime menu items are available and the great views entertain the children and parents. Everyone will enjoy their meal at Shooters Waterfront.

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