Chick-fil-A Offering Behind-the-Counter Tours and More News

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In today's Weekly Media Mix, trendy foods' life span, plus the best burgers around the world

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The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
Chef Brandon Jew, formerly of Bar Agricole, is heading up a new Chinese food concept in San Francisco, hoping to serve up "the cleanest, purest Chinese food that I can." [Zagat]

And here is Drew Barrymore, eating and drinking with Eric Ripert. The silver fox is getting all the celebs. [YouTube/Reserve Channel]

Andrew Carmellini gets interviewed by Rachel Small for Interview magazine. [Interview]

Check out some chefs' favorite burgers around the world. But, where is Kuma's? [Eater]

In an effort to increase transparency, Chick-fil-A will be offering immediate behind-the-counter tours at its 1,700 locations if anyone asks. [AdAge]

Free food is always a good thing, especially at a bar, or before you start drinking. We speak from experience. [CNN]

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Given the death of the cupcake, what trendy foods are still around? Kale is winning, obviously, while acai is long gone. [BuzzFeed]