20 Unique Drinks to Try Around the World


Pisco sours

A big part of travel for most revolves around food and drink. While I love to explore a new city, taking in whatever famous sites and experiences it is known for, nothing gets me more excited about a new destination than if it has an interesting drink to try. It’s something I always seek out, and it’s amazing how each region, country, city, or small town has some type of drink that is part of the fabric of that society.

As someone who prides himself on trying anything I can get my hands on, I’m always impressed at the ingenuity that comes up in various drinks around the world. Combinations that I could never think of, liquors that I’ve never heard of, and the addition of ingredients that simply don’t seem like they belong, constantly remind me of how different we all are. But there’s always one thing that can bring the differences of people together, and that’s a unique alcoholic drink.

In no particular order, here are 20 unique drinks from around the world that to add to your list of things to try.


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